Monday, September 9, 2013

Do they actually meet ?

WORLD5 members are often asked this question: Do you actually meet ?

As described in a previous post:  For some of us it´s a long way to rehearsals
But the answer is : Yes: We do actually meet, at least some of us do:
Here's Pat and Joe in a recording session in Houston,Texas, working on the new WORLD5 album. The pictures show them at work, recording tracks for the brand new single titled "Heartbeat Of The World".
As all 5 members have their own recording facilities, here comes a sneak few to "ChezHozay Studio" aka "Joe's house, working together with Pat.
Pat Hunt and Joe Gavito -WORLD5
Pat Hunt and Joe Gavito -WORLD5
Pat Hunt - WORLD5
Pat Hunt - WORLD5
The pictures were taken in August, right after a golf match, and shortly after leaving the 19th hole.

Pat Hunt , Joe Gavito - WORLD5
Pat Hunt and Joe Gavito - WORLD5

The new single release "Heartbeat Of The World" will have a little more edge than the former releases, and it will also feature Joe for the first time with WORLD5. More info and band updates at  WORLD5 Home.

Pat and Joe recording 1