Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Recordings for Album Number 3

2018 brought new crew members for the recordings of Album Number 3.

WORLD5´s new lead singer Lou Evans:
Lou Evans is a singer/songwriter based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He played professional baseball in the Miami Marlins Minor League system from 2001-2005. In 2005, he decided to pursue his burgeoning music career. An American Idol Season 4 contestant, lately Lou has been performing and writing new music. He
has been showcased with outstanding talents such as LeAnn Rimes, Lorrie Morgan, America, Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, Waylon Payne, James McCartney (Son of Paul McCartney), Todd Rundgren, Gregory Page, Billy Galewood (aka Bushwalla, co-songwriter of Jason Mraz), Toca Rivera (Jason Mraz percussionist/background vocalist), and Con Brio.
Lou Evans - vocals, guitars WORLD5

Bass player Jimmy Olsson:
Jimmy Olsson - bass WORLD5
Jimmy Olsson´s musical journey started in the late 50´s playing Mandolin. This led to formally studying Cello, and  performing in a youth orchestra until the age of 16. As he grew, so did his musical prowess as it expanded to include the Bass guitar. In 1967, he joined a Blues/Soul band as a Bass player and he's been working in the Music business ever since. In the 70´s, he was playing with some of the most popular groups in Sweden, such as Nynningen, Nationalteatern and Björn Afzelius Band.

 More info and everything about the band ---> Visit us at WORLD5 Home

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The WORLD5 album "Heartbeat Of The World"

WORLD5 released their album "Heartbeat Of The World", with 11 songs of Pop Rock music, on Spectra Music Group. 
It took quite  a while, but finally the new album is released and avaiable worldwide from music outlets like iTunes, Amazon and on streaming sites like Spotify.
The band has found at the same time with the record label Spectra Music Group a new home.
The album contains 11 songs of Adult Contemporay / Pop-Rock Music.The music was written by Pat Hunt (1,2,3,4,5,11), Randy Miller (7,8), Joe Gavito (10) and Raimund Breitfeld (9). Lyricists are : Kerryl Ann Frank (2,3,9), Michael Moore (6),Toni Becker (11), Pat Hunt (1,7,8), Joe Gavito (10) and Randy Miller (1,5,7,8).
The songs are:
1.   Because of you  (Pop -Rock)
2.   Footprints (Ballad)
3.   Heartbeat Of The World  (Pop -Rock)
4.   I promise you  (Ballad)
5.   It won´t be the same (Pop -Rock)
6.   Loving A Restless Heart (Ballad)
7.   Man Of Action (Pop -Rock)
8.   Maybe There´s A Way (Ballad)
9.   Stay (Pop -Rock)
10. Who Decides (Pop -Rock)
11. You Will Find Me (Pop -Rock)

Joe Gavito produced the album in his studio in Houston / Texas and Randy Miller mastered it in Austin.
Leaves us to say: Enjoy!! Visit us on our homepage or listen and see the videos on Youtube.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Heartbeat Of The World - Insights of a production

Musicians will say "yes, yes, yes, we know how it's done" But in our case,  great lengths and distances are overcome as our "normal procedure" and does not impede our natural musical progress as a band...We certainly believe utilizing "online" utilities is a reality and is the future of musical collaboration in the world.

We would love to give some insight to the making of a typical WORLD5 single, which is written, recorded, mixed and produced over 3 continents from start to finish.

First ...of course:
          Pat Hunt
Pat Hunt - lead vocals , keyboards, songwriting  
Pat has been working as a songwriter for many, many years and is a master of the craft. Along with being a great songwriter, Pat is also a master keyboardist, and plays a great solo on this track! Pianos, Organ, strings, synth pads, etc. all got recorded first. A simple drum loop and a temporary bass line was added to communicate the "feel" to other band members.
Pat, then put on a temporary vocal track as a guide. (Final vocals were redone after the music was finished.) Tempos were finalized, and the track was recorded in such a way, that "lining them up" or synchronization will not be an issue for anyone.Everyone was sent an mp3 of the song. The rest of the band recorded their parts, and at this point, any changes/ideas were introduced  and re-recorded.

The Lyricist :
Kerryl Ann Frank
Kerryl Ann Frank - lyrics , background vocals

The Producer:
                    Joe Gavito 
Kerryl has written lyrics on previous WORLD5 songs. Her task as lyricist is it to understand the music and translate that into the song's meaning... sometimes this is not an easy task but, like Pat, she is a master craftsman in the art of songwriting.
Kerryl, together with Becky Williams, sing background vocals on the tracks.

Joe Gavito -guitars, production

Heartbeat Of The World was Joe´s first production for World5. Randy Miller produced the 1st album and the newly released singles "Man Of Action" and "Maybe there´s A Way". Joe, who is also sharing guitar duties with Steffen, received all the audio files over the Internet, and it was a huge amount of music! We are talking about 50-60 audio tracks @ 24/48 and you cannot get THAT in an email!!!
BUT- What does "producer or "production" mean? A knowledge of the recording process, knowing how the equipment works and how to use it, and that takes years of learning and lots of hard work.
Countless hours of mixing, editing, tweaking until the song is finally "produced" and ready for the last step:.The "mastering"...

Randy , Steffen , Raimund
Randy Miller -producer, bass 
Steffen Goeres -guitars, trumpet
Raimund Breitfeld- drums, percussion
Randy played the bass on the song and did the mastering. Mastering is the process of getting the 'mix' ready for Radio and the CD. It is a specialized area and one of the most crucial in the recording process and Randy is THE MAN!!!

Steffen shares guitars together with Joe and
Raimund is responsible for the groove-the drums and percussion, as well Producing the video.

Have a listen to the end product by clicking on the video link on top of this page. We love to hear from you-give us a visit at:

Monday, September 9, 2013

Do they actually meet ?

WORLD5 members are often asked this question: Do you actually meet ?

As described in a previous post:  For some of us it´s a long way to rehearsals
But the answer is : Yes: We do actually meet, at least some of us do:
Here's Pat and Joe in a recording session in Houston,Texas, working on the new WORLD5 album. The pictures show them at work, recording tracks for the brand new single titled "Heartbeat Of The World".
As all 5 members have their own recording facilities, here comes a sneak few to "ChezHozay Studio" aka "Joe's house, working together with Pat.
Pat Hunt and Joe Gavito -WORLD5
Pat Hunt and Joe Gavito -WORLD5
Pat Hunt - WORLD5
Pat Hunt - WORLD5
The pictures were taken in August, right after a golf match, and shortly after leaving the 19th hole.

Pat Hunt , Joe Gavito - WORLD5
Pat Hunt and Joe Gavito - WORLD5

The new single release "Heartbeat Of The World" will have a little more edge than the former releases, and it will also feature Joe for the first time with WORLD5. More info and band updates at  WORLD5 Home.

Pat and Joe recording 1

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Other Side Of The Ocean

Writing about Pat Hunt, Randy Miller and Joe Gavito, the three Texans and WORLD5 members from "The Other Side Of The Ocean", certainly involves a  part  of the american music scene.

Joe Gavito - guitars
Well known names like  reggae legend Johnny Nash, Mickey Gilley of Urban Cowboy fame, the Grammy winning double platinum, international group La Mafia, Jennifer Holliday, songwriter legend Burt BacharachEzra Charles, The PlattersMarc Anthony and many many more pop up ,while reading their respective biographies.
Randy Miller -  bass, production

Performing live, recording, songwriting and producing for more than 30 years makes each of them experienced , professional musicians. The influences and the experienced skills of each of the WORLD5 musicians create a blend of pop- rock music inspired  literally from around the world!

Pat Hunt - lead vocals , keyboards
Follow the journey  Come on board and listen to the globally-inspired music of WORLD5!  Read bios, lyrics, news, info, as well as the WORLD5 story.
And of course, listen to the music. It's all about the music.

Welcome to WORLD5 central!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

One Side Of The Ocean

....well, there are two sides of the ocean:

As WORLD5 is literally a global band :

Let us introduce the former german and now swedish and new zealand citizens:
1982:  Founding Members Raimund Breitfeld on drums and Steffen Goeres on guitars
Raimund Breitfeld , Steffen Goeres
"At that time the electric shavers haven´t been invented yet, the guitars were quite big and a part of the drums missed the shape they nowadays have."

Raimund Breitfeld - drums, percussion WORLD5

During his high school days Raimund  and his good friend Steffen Goeres performed together in several Rock and Pop bands. Steffen's skills on the guitar was so advanced that he was already doing solo concerts as a teenager. Steffen was so dedicated that he literally slept with his guitar. Raimund couldn´t keep up with Steffen on guitar and since there were very few drummers in their small town and their skills were moderate Raimund found his calling behind the drums. Drum lessons, music academy and the college of music followed and he ended up with a degree as a drummer and music teacher. 

Read the complete bio at

Steffen Goeres - guitars, trumpet WORLD5
Playing regularly, Steffen also inspires hundreds of students through his teaching at secondary schools. In 2000, Steffen released his solo CD - “A Dozen One Afternoon” - an album of 12 original compositions played on the nylon string guitar. Steffen’s professionalism and musical talents are indisputable, combining harmonic sounds, catchy melodies and smooth grooves. With his skills and experience delivering a quality listening experience to many musical genres, a call from his friend Raimund, to invite him to play for WORLD5, reintroduced him to pop music.
Read the complete bio at

Meet the band : WORLD5´s homepage
Both Steffen and Raimund were originally from the small town of  Deggendorf, located in Bavaria, Germany. Live and personal project have put them in different locations. Steffen is now living in Wellington, New Zealand  and Raimund in Gothenburgh, Sweden.
2011:  The Single "You and I" was the first WORLD5 release together with former members Don Bruner, Roland Childs and Stephen Goessl.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

It´s A Long Drive To Rehearsals

                                              Raimund       Steffen        Pat            Randy            Joe
In case you don't know our story, we are old friends and band mates who, like a lot of people (probably you as well) have reunited through the internet. 

We all live in different locations around the world. Randy (Austin,TX), Pat (Katy, TX), Joe (Houston,TX), Steffen (Wellington ,New Zealand), Raimund (Gothenburgh, Sweden). So you see it really is a long drive to rehearsals! 

It's kind of an interesting process (musicians will enjoy this part).
The creative process for us is very different than from other bands. Our songs have evolved with less influence from each other and more from each member's individual creativity. This makes for some great and unexpected musical ideas. Of course you can only do this with musicians that you trust and when you know each other. That's one of the best parts of being a part of this band. We are all pals and understand each other musically. That is the sense of togetherness that I was talking about. It just turned out that the right people for this band didn't all live in the same neighborhood or even on the same continents.

If we did get together to rehearse my suggestion would be Hawaii. Just a thought!

More important than how we record the music is WHY?  

The real reason that the first album "Global Experience"  and the latest two  singles "Man of Action" and "Maybe there´s A Way" exist is because we have been close friends for a long time and somehow we all had the same dream which was to share our music with each other and more importantly with the YOU, the listener. That is what makes all of this worthwhile! 
We are going down a musical road that we always wanted to travel and here's to hoping that you will travel along with us!

If you would like to hear more of what we put together from around the world click here to hear World5´s music .

Thank you for being a listener and making it all matter!