Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Other Side Of The Ocean

Writing about Pat Hunt, Randy Miller and Joe Gavito, the three Texans and WORLD5 members from "The Other Side Of The Ocean", certainly involves a  part  of the american music scene.

Joe Gavito - guitars
Well known names like  reggae legend Johnny Nash, Mickey Gilley of Urban Cowboy fame, the Grammy winning double platinum, international group La Mafia, Jennifer Holliday, songwriter legend Burt BacharachEzra Charles, The PlattersMarc Anthony and many many more pop up ,while reading their respective biographies.
Randy Miller -  bass, production

Performing live, recording, songwriting and producing for more than 30 years makes each of them experienced , professional musicians. The influences and the experienced skills of each of the WORLD5 musicians create a blend of pop- rock music inspired  literally from around the world!

Pat Hunt - lead vocals , keyboards
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