Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Other Side Of The Ocean

Writing about Pat Hunt, Randy Miller and Joe Gavito, the three Texans and WORLD5 members from "The Other Side Of The Ocean", certainly involves a  part  of the american music scene.

Joe Gavito - guitars
Well known names like  reggae legend Johnny Nash, Mickey Gilley of Urban Cowboy fame, the Grammy winning double platinum, international group La Mafia, Jennifer Holliday, songwriter legend Burt BacharachEzra Charles, The PlattersMarc Anthony and many many more pop up ,while reading their respective biographies.
Randy Miller -  bass, production

Performing live, recording, songwriting and producing for more than 30 years makes each of them experienced , professional musicians. The influences and the experienced skills of each of the WORLD5 musicians create a blend of pop- rock music inspired  literally from around the world!

Pat Hunt - lead vocals , keyboards
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

One Side Of The Ocean

....well, there are two sides of the ocean:

As WORLD5 is literally a global band :

Let us introduce the former german and now swedish and new zealand citizens:
1982:  Founding Members Raimund Breitfeld on drums and Steffen Goeres on guitars
Raimund Breitfeld , Steffen Goeres
"At that time the electric shavers haven´t been invented yet, the guitars were quite big and a part of the drums missed the shape they nowadays have."

Raimund Breitfeld - drums, percussion WORLD5

During his high school days Raimund  and his good friend Steffen Goeres performed together in several Rock and Pop bands. Steffen's skills on the guitar was so advanced that he was already doing solo concerts as a teenager. Steffen was so dedicated that he literally slept with his guitar. Raimund couldn´t keep up with Steffen on guitar and since there were very few drummers in their small town and their skills were moderate Raimund found his calling behind the drums. Drum lessons, music academy and the college of music followed and he ended up with a degree as a drummer and music teacher. 

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Steffen Goeres - guitars, trumpet WORLD5
Playing regularly, Steffen also inspires hundreds of students through his teaching at secondary schools. In 2000, Steffen released his solo CD - “A Dozen One Afternoon” - an album of 12 original compositions played on the nylon string guitar. Steffen’s professionalism and musical talents are indisputable, combining harmonic sounds, catchy melodies and smooth grooves. With his skills and experience delivering a quality listening experience to many musical genres, a call from his friend Raimund, to invite him to play for WORLD5, reintroduced him to pop music.
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Meet the band : WORLD5´s homepage
Both Steffen and Raimund were originally from the small town of  Deggendorf, located in Bavaria, Germany. Live and personal project have put them in different locations. Steffen is now living in Wellington, New Zealand  and Raimund in Gothenburgh, Sweden.
2011:  The Single "You and I" was the first WORLD5 release together with former members Don Bruner, Roland Childs and Stephen Goessl.