Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The WORLD5 album "Heartbeat Of The World"

WORLD5 released their album "Heartbeat Of The World", with 11 songs of Pop Rock music, on Spectra Music Group. 
It took quite  a while, but finally the new album is released and avaiable worldwide from music outlets like iTunes, Amazon and on streaming sites like Spotify.
The band has found at the same time with the record label Spectra Music Group a new home.
The album contains 11 songs of Adult Contemporay / Pop-Rock Music.The music was written by Pat Hunt (1,2,3,4,5,11), Randy Miller (7,8), Joe Gavito (10) and Raimund Breitfeld (9). Lyricists are : Kerryl Ann Frank (2,3,9), Michael Moore (6),Toni Becker (11), Pat Hunt (1,7,8), Joe Gavito (10) and Randy Miller (1,5,7,8).
The songs are:
1.   Because of you  (Pop -Rock)
2.   Footprints (Ballad)
3.   Heartbeat Of The World  (Pop -Rock)
4.   I promise you  (Ballad)
5.   It won´t be the same (Pop -Rock)
6.   Loving A Restless Heart (Ballad)
7.   Man Of Action (Pop -Rock)
8.   Maybe There´s A Way (Ballad)
9.   Stay (Pop -Rock)
10. Who Decides (Pop -Rock)
11. You Will Find Me (Pop -Rock)

Joe Gavito produced the album in his studio in Houston / Texas and Randy Miller mastered it in Austin.
Leaves us to say: Enjoy!! Visit us on our homepage or listen and see the videos on Youtube.